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You don't have to walk your path of recovery alone. 

Let us be your guide - leading you to a life of redemption and freedom from sexual addiction.

Mentoring You To Freedom

Guided Road To Recovery


No Travel Required

Our entire online recovery program (including weekly private one-on-one mentoring sessions, weekly online recovery groups, our course curriculum, and the Strengthen Your Brothers Online Accountability Community) is only $99 a month. 

Our Professional Certified Mentors guide you through the recovery process utilizing tested and proven methods.

In our online program,

 we mentor men from around the world through our secure, private, and confidential virtual meeting rooms.

Strengthen Your Brothers

Online Recovery Program:

1-1 Mentoring

Online Recovery Groups 

In our program, we offer weekly one-on-one private mentoring sessions. In our mentoring sessions, we cover a one year course curriculum which includes: The Brain Science of Sexual Addiction, Scripture Study, and The Twelve Steps. 

As part of our program, we offer weekly online recovery groups and an online accountability community. 

''My passion is to lead men out of the prison of sexual addiction into the joy of freedom and redemption.''

Gary LeBlanc, CSAM

About Your Mentor

Gary LeBlanc is a professional certified sexual addiction mentor. He resides in the New Orleans area with his wife and three children, where he works with men who struggle with sex and porn addiction. Gary struggled for 23 years with a sex and porn addiction himself before getting into recovery. During this time, he lost his reputation, friends, and ministry to sexual addiction. After years of successful recovery, he received his certification through BraveHearts University and became a professional mentor. Gary also leads faith-based recovery groups, speaks at local churches in his area to share hope and raise awarness of the growing problem of pornography in the Church, and helps organize an annual men's retreat for sexual purity in the New Orleans area.    


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